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Studio 16, Delta House, Riverside Road,

London, SW17 0BA, United Kingdom.







About us.

Approach is a retouching duo consisting of Thomas Anthony and Dennis McCarthy. They crossed paths multiple times in various leading Photographic & Retouching Studios in London between 2011-2017, forming a strong working relationship and friendship.

Mid-2017 saw them join forces and move into a studio in Earlsfield, South London, with the intent of growing their practise.

Commercially, Approach has worked on imagery for various brands including Hyundai, Manhatten, Bentley, Ming Ray, Lancia, Bourjois, Asos, Chivas Regal to name a few.


New to Approach.

We have decided to make a couple of changes over at Approach HQ.

We aim to be more enviromentally friendly by using little to no paper in the studio and recycle where possible.

We also will be primarily using Ecosia - which is like any other search engine, but with one major difference: they use their profits to plant trees. They also use renewable energy for their servers. Do your bit!